Uinvest News in May 2013: Purchase Shares of Carpathians H & R

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On this May 2013 I decided to sell two shares Uinvest: Oil Palm Fruits Trading Company Stage 1 worth 125 dollars plus Elevators worth 34.81 dollars with remaining deposit 61.96 dollars, the total amount of funds after the sale of the two stock 221.77 dollars and buy new shares Carpathians Hotel and Restaurant worth 205 dollars.

Surprisingly, a few minutes later the new shares was about rise 5 percent in the number of 215 dollars. The overall view changes in the stock turns out there is one stock which is really tempting, the Spa Complex Premium shares, valued at 185 dollars with a profit of 13 percent per month.

selling elevator shares in uinvest

Oops, if I were not getting to rush, the Carpathians Hotel & Restaurant (CHR) profit was only 11 percent, while the net monthly profit of Spa Complex Premium (SCP) fairly high about 13 percent. Finally, I decided to sell the shares back to the CHR with a thin margin percentage of approximately 2.5 percent.

Hopefully, one of Uinvestors interested in buying the 210 dollar price position, so that I can buy the shares of SCP again, ^ _ ^. My monthly profit of Carpathians H & R is about 11 percent, or 22.5 dollar and payment will be done every December 4, effective from next month.

O, yes, for a new members here, Uinvest (UI) recently signed a Letter of Intent with Westpark Capital: one of the foreign securities brokerage, officially registered in the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), served as lead counsel in the event UICC four days ago.

In fact, long before the conference took place at the same time UI's birthday Uinvestor already largely withdraw (WD) their investment, related to the issue of going to collapse.

If I try to conclude, the buying and selling of share prices in Uinvest.com.ua changes so very quickly. Due to the impact of market speculators, especially in the evening hours of the European time, plus a day off like this; possible "profit taking" action grabbed a flash. The key, should always be patient and do not rush.

Note: crowdfunding Uinvest System still not able to get a full license related to a strict rules from U.S. Agency Securities, so that when their citizens still forced to invest here, then any consequences back to the person concerned.

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